A Space for Women's Voices

We planned it. We thought about it. We wanted it. We worked hard to have it. We finally have it. 

The Women Writing Berlin Lab has a blog and we cannot be more excited about it.

We thought a lot about how we wanted it to be. Was it supposed to have a specific target? A specific name? A specific concept? Honestly... we still don't know and we like the fact that we haven't come to a real conclusion yet. 
We don't feel confident to define this space with specific words: we are curious to see how it will develop in the next months and how it will take form through our authors' voices and creativity.

What we definitely know is this. We don't want the WWBL Blog to be only a showcase of topics but instead more space for the diversity of women's voices.
The WWBL Blog will try to be as open, inclusive, intersectional and poliedric as possible. We are looking forward to building trust with our readers and making sure there will always be a productive interaction between our contents and your point of view.  

We are truly happy about this journey and we encourage you to send us your feedback, your articles, your words and your thoughts. The only way we can do better is to know what you think we can improve! 

I hope you are as excited as we are and you will follow and support us through this new adventure!