margherita sgorbissa
WWBL founder

Hello here is Margherita. I founded the Women Writing Berlin Lab in July 2017 because I felt the need to go back to what I like most in life: writing and connecting with other women. I used to coach some creative writing labs in Italy where I had the chance to explore the power of being and writing together, sharing feelings and feedback about a common passion. At the moment I am involved in few writing projects but I am mostly focused on my studies at the Humboldt University, where I study Gender Studies.


eva schnarrenberger
sleepless concept developer 

Hi, my name Eva, I’m the concept developer of the crew. At the intersection between strategy and creativity, my role is to co-create communication concepts and convert them into a master plan for WWBL. From social media to the newsletter, I make sure we keep you updated and entertained. When not sitting in front of my computer flipped out by an overly potent espresso, you’re most likely to find me in a vintage store or on a running track.


jennifer fiorile
editor in chief

Hi! I'm Jenn and I help edit the blog and newsletter for WWBL. In my work with WWBL, I am eagerly developing the words and work of our writers. It's something I love doing because I know how difficult the writing process can be. Having another set of eyes to catch punctuation errors and be mindful of tone and voice can be an indispensable asset. I'm glad to lend my eyes!



leih mikulic
editor of everything

Hey there, I'm Leih. As editor for the WWBL, assume every word we publish gets filtered through me so if you find a missing period that's on me too. My role is to guide our writers through the writing process and make sure that structure and clarity are supporting their authentic voice.  Combing through all of our submissions, blog posts and event material is pure joy as reading, writing and storytelling are the foundation of my professional and personal life. While insatiably curious at heart, I don't need much more than a coffee, a book and a balcony.