Amazing women writing at our summer Writing Lab Session <3

Amazing women writing at our summer Writing Lab Session <3



A safe space for female writers 

We are a writing community for women in Berlin aiming to promote events, meet-ups, workshops and writing labs for female writers based in the city. We are an inclusive community open to everyone who identifies as female and feels involved in the writing field.

We address our activity not only to writers but to every woman looking for a safe space to express her creativity and to share her stories and feelings with other women writers.

We believe that women need to gain more space and visibility in the media and within the current institutions and policies. Therefore, we want to build both digital and real spaces for women to raise their voices and tell their stories through writing and community projects.

Our Projects

Writing Lab Sessions
Writing and Theater
Community Meet&Greet
Female Writers Meetup

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We are proud to be collaborating with the following organizations. 

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